Kevin Smith In Talks With DISNEY For A Secret Project

One of the world’s favorite nerds is none other than Kevin Smith. From his humor, to his directing, to his acting, the man can do it all. Another thing he might just be adding to his resume is Disney. Lately he’s been hosting his podcast, Fatman on Batman with Marc Bernardin and has also been credited for directing a few episodes of CW’s The Flash.


This past weekend was ACE Comic Con, FandomWire was able to catch word that Kevin Smith is in discussion with Disney to helm a project. That’s it though! There are no other details but one can assume the nature of this project could possibly be within the Star Wars or Marvel Universe. Kevin has expressed his fondness and appreciation over both franchises, so helming one in either category would be a dream come true for the man.

Kevin Smith is a treasure in the comic book community. He’s passionate about it all and it shows. Seeing him direct something in the Star Wars or Marvel Universe means we would get a movie made by a hardcore fan. That being said, it could also be something completely different in the world of Disney! Either way, I love Kevin’s filmmaking and have faith that whatever this turns out to be, it will be something great. What do you think Smith is talking to Disney about? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – FandomWire


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