Miles Teller Cast as Goose’s Son in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

It’s time to buzz the tower again.

Miles Teller has been cast as Goose’s son in the upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick. The film is a sequel to the 1986 smash hit Top Gun about the students of the United States Navy’s elite fighter weapons school starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. Teller is best known for his roles in Whiplash, War Dogs, and last year’s Only the Brave.

Goose, played by Anthony Edwards in the original, served as the partner for Tom Cruise’s Maverick and balances the high flying personality of the best pilot at Top Gun. However, Goose doesn’t survive the original film as he sacrificed his life to save his partner. He and Maverick end up in the jet wash of a Russian plane they’re pursuing, and this causes their fighter to stall midair. In a last ditch effort to save his partner, Goose pulls the ejection lever in the cockpit. This spares Maverick’s life but Goose hits his head on the canopy killing him instantly.

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are both on board to reprise their roles as Maverick and Iceman, as the film looks to build on the fan base established by the original film. Top Gun was the highest grossing film of 1986 and has stood the test of time as it’s still viewed as a film that helped launch Tom Cruise’s career and remains one of his most iconic roles.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to be directed by Joseph Kosinski who has worked on visually ambitious films like Oblivion, Tron: Legacy, and Only the Brave. This kind of over the top visual effects will suit the story of a flight academy well and bring elements to the dogfighting scenes that just weren’t possible when the original film came out.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to hit theaters July 12, 2019, but a synopsis has not yet been released.

Source: Variety

Taylor Tyler

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