‘STAR WARS: EPISODE IX’ Will Shoot At Popular Yavin IV Location

J.J. Abrams is beginning to kick his second Star Wars project into high gear. This means locations are being picked and one of them is pretty familiar to those who know the franchise. It seems that Star Wars: Episode IX will be shooting scenes at Cardington Airship Sheds. Anyone who has seen A New Hope or Rogue One have already seen this setting before!

For A New Hope and Rogue One, the location was used to bring to life Yavin IV. Star Wars has taken full advantage of multiple locations in England and rightfully so. The current series as well as the original trilogy shot a majority of the films throughout England so why stop now?


Someone over at Star Wars News Net got word from the airship historian, Trevor Monk, that the popular franchise would be returning to shoot on location. Now, just because this area was previously used for Yavin IV, there’s no confirmation that it will be used again. But I mean, c’mon? Why not take the opportunity to bring back some tie ins to the original series! Also, not to dampen the idea of Yavin’s return, but this setting is notorious for big films, ranging from The Dark Knight, Inception, to Justice League. The place can be manipulated to fit the director’s needs so we’ll really have to wait and see if Yavin IV will return to the big screen.

The news on this location means we’re probably edging closer and closer to a production start. With that, maybe even a full cast list. There’s no telling what direction J.J. Abrams will take Episode IX, but after his run with The Force Awakens, we can expect one insane journey to wrap up the Skywalker Saga. Would you be excited to see Yavin IV make an appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – Star Wars News Net

Star Wars: Episode IX blasts into theaters December 20, 2019



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