Lupita Nyongo, Naomi Scott, & Kristen Stewart Cast For ‘CHARLIE’S ANGELS’ Reboot

Fuse TV just tweeted out that the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot just got a powerhouse cast for its leading spies.

This is definitely a push in the right direction for diversity in Hollywood. Lupita Nyongo is sure to be a standout lead here, with Power Rangers star Naomi Scott trailing behind as a possible up and coming actress.

Pitch Perfect 2 director Elizabeth Banks is at the helm for this reboot, which has the potential to be either a refreshing take on the 70’s TV classic or just another summer flick. What are your expectations? If any? Tweet at us @SuperBroMovies! –Ileana Meléndez

Source: Fuse TV

Charlie’s Angels is set to release June 7, 2019


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