Margot Robbie Wants ‘BIRDS OF PREY’ To Reflect Diversity With Its Cast, Teases New Harley Quinn Costume

During Margot Robbie’s press tour for her new movie Terminal, she has been teasing continuously about the anticipated Harley Quinn spin-off, Birds of Prey. 

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Already boasting DC’s first non-white female director in its arsenal, Cathy Yan, Margot Robbie is looking to work towards bringing that diversity onto the big screen. According to an exclusive interview with Yahoo Movies, Robbie expressed her intentions towards the upcoming spin-off:

Now the Harley Quinn actress has confirmed to Yahoo Movies, during an interview about her new movie Terminal, that she will be putting just as much effort into ensuring her co-leads are just as diverse.

“Yep, yes exactly, real life isn’t so one specific image,” Robbie said. “We’ve got to reflect that onscreen.”

Of course, it has yet to be revealed exactly what characters will make the cut in the film, but this move towards diversity is a detail that will most definitely lead to exciting fan-castings!

On top of that, Margot Robbie has also confirmed to Yahoo Movies that a new costume is due for Harley Quinn! No details have been revealed yet, but here’s what the actress had to tease:

“No, honestly [it’s] because the costumes haven’t been designed yet but yes she’ll have new looks,” the actress confirmed. “There will be new Halloween costumes out there, one day.”

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Could we be seeing an ode to Harley Quinn’s original costume? Or something new entirely? I, for one, would love to see a modern take on the original colors and designs, perhaps even take some inspiration from the classic Batman: Arkham games.

What are your casting picks for the spin-off? Do you prefer the Suicide Squad Harley costume or the classic? We wanna know! Tweet at us @SuperBroMovies to get the conversation rolling. – Ileana Meléndez

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Source: Yahoo Movies

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