‘DEADPOOL 2’ Makeup Designer Reveals First Look At Omega Red

This year’s highly successful Deadpool 2 almost featured a cameo from Deadpool and X-Force supervillain Omega Red.

The Omega Red cameo will be featured in the extended cut of Deadpool 2 known as the “Super Duper $@%!#& Cut”, and the character will be featured in the teased short “Chess with Omega Red.” Bill Corso, the makeup supervisor and designer for Deadpool 2, revealed on his personal Instagram what Omega Red will look like in his brief cameo.

Deadpool 2 started to build the Universe for Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and set the stage for the upcoming X-Force film. It introduced several new heroes and the notorious Ice Box Prison where Deadpool, Omega Red, and many other mutants “dangerous” mutants are held. This could provide an opportunity to make Omega Red an important villain in upcoming films.

In the comics, Omega Red is an ex-Spetsnaz agent for the Soviets who is killed when his fellow soldiers find out about his atrocious actions. His powers allowed him to survive the ordeal, but they also lead to him being drafted into the USSR’s super soldier program. While in the program, his powers are expanded by implanting tentacles made of radioactive carbonadium which is the Soviet answer to adamantium.

The Deadpool 2 Super Duper $@%!#& Cut is set for release August 21, but there is a screening of the film  July 21 at 10 p.m. during San Diego Comic Con. The extended cut will feature 15 minutes of additional footage that will include many other mutants in addition to Omega Red wondering around the Ice Box Prison.

Source – Bill Corso

Taylor Tyler

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