Jason Momoa Will Don Classic Comics Costume In ‘AQUAMAN’

Ever since the casting of Jason Momoa in the role of Arthur Curry fans knew that DC was aiming to redefine Aquaman. Long the butt of many jokes Aquaman hopes to show just how bad-ass the character can really be. But that doesn’t mean he will leave behind his classic orange and green costume.

According to ComicBook.com, during their visit to Aquaman‘s set in Austraila concept art showed Jason Momoa suited up in a look similar to DC Comic’s New 52 brand. In fact, Momoa himself commented on how excited he was to suit up in the iconic suit,

“James [Wan] definitely wants to keep it just like the original,” 

Brandon Davis of ComicBook.com described the art featuring the look,

“Posted on a war room wall surrounded by other details of the Aquaman film (like the Boston Aquarium, the Orm’s Battleship, Black Manta’s submarine, and the iconic lighthouse in Maine), Momoa’s Aquaman was soaring in with an orange sea-themed top and green pants. Whether or not this look makes into the final cut of Aquaman is not guaranteed but was certainly planned.”

Going along with the New 52 approach to the costumes, Aquaman producer Peter Safran described its other influences on the film,

“I think that the New 52 version of Aquaman was definitely our touchstone and our starting point. And even though the film is not a direct adaptation of that, that was certainly, in terms of his origin, who he is; that Tom Curry is his father and Atlanna is his mother, who Orm is, etcetera. That all comes from the New 52. And, there are certainly creature elements from it, from the Trench. So, that was our biggest influence.”

Based on all these new reports hype for the movie has definitely gone up. It will be great to see Jason Momoa show how bad-ass the hero can be while still maintaining ties to the original comics. It is also no surprise that they will be drawing so much influence from the New 52 as much of the DCU seems to draw from this era of DC comics.

Are you excited to see Aquaman suit up in his iconic costume? Let us know at SuperBroMovies on Twitter what you think! – Jacob Campbell

Source: ComicBook.com

Aquaman hits theaters December 21st!


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