Ocean Master’s Mission In ‘AQUAMAN’ Provides Insight On Original Promotional Material

Continuing with the Aquaman theme of the day, some information has come to light providing some insight on Ocean Master’s mission in the film.

Aquaman production designer Bill Brzeski talked to CinemaBlend about the layout of Atlantis, which includes seven different kingdoms that Patrick Wilson’s Orm is trying to unite:

“This is a complicated story. It’s not just like you go to Atlantis, and it’s Atlantis… Atlantis fell into the ocean about 5,000 years ago, and it morphed into seven different kingdoms. So, when you go to the movie, you’ve got Trench people; you’ve got Brine people; you have Xebellian people; you have the Fisherman Kingdom; you have The Missing Kingdom; and you have the Atlanteans. So, the storyline, if you saw on the internet, it says ‘Unite the seven.’ Really, what that’s about for Orm, who is the king of Atlantis, he’s half-brother to Aquaman, is to take control and become an “Ocean Master”… He has to unite the seven kingdoms, so you have to have this quorum to really get things going down there.”


Now what’s interesting about this information is the fact that Brzeski talked about the original Aquaman promotional material that debuted with Batman V Superman. The poster featured Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry with the words “Unite The Seven” draped across it. We now know that the “seven” is the kingdoms of Atlantis rather than the oceans or members of the Justice League.

We also got our first look at one of the kingdoms, the Fishermen Kingdom, this week, which can be seen below.


What are your expectations for Atlantis in Aquaman? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

Source: CinemaBlend

Aquaman will hit theaters December 21st


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