Director Zack Synder NOT Expected To Be At San Diego Comic-Con

Fans of director Zack Synder have been anticipating him to be at San Diego Comic-Con as there have been multiple reports of him being in the area. The representatives of Zack Synder have now confirmed he will NOT be at San Diego Comic-Con later this week.

Snyder not attending SDCC disappoints fans as many of them have been very eager to see Zack Synder’s director’s cut of Justice League. Especially since he had to leave the project due to a tragedy in his family. Joss Whedon then took over for Snyder and while only Zack got a director credit for Justice League. And even so, fans still want to see a Zack Snyder cut of this film.


Snyder not being at SDCC may mean that chances are low on fans ever seeing a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. Luckily fans can still look forward to seeing the DCEU present trailers for Aquaman and Shazam. Some are also saying we may be a possible look to the Wonder Woman sequel.

It is still up for debate whether or not fans will see a Snyder cut, but he is currently set to direct Fountainhead. He’ll also be a producer for Wonder Woman 1984. SDCC will surely give fans some things to be excited for! Fans of the DCEU can wait for Aquaman which hits theaters December 21, 2018!

Jacqueline Lainez 

Source: Comicbook 


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