New ‘AQUAMAN’ Action Figure Lineup Reveals First Look At Ocean Master & More

With the release of Aquaman slowly approaching, merchandise tie-ins are beginning to emerge. Among the products that will be released is a series of action figures from Mattel that includes several key characters from the film. In addition to figures for major players like Arthur Curry/Aquaman and Mera, we will also get toys for Black Manta, Vulko, and Ocean Master.

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The Aquaman figure features him in his classic green and gold costume, while the Mera figure features her using her hydrokinetic powers as seen through water-shaped pieces that connect to her forearms. The Ocean Master figure marks the first time the suit has been revealed in its full capacity, complete with purple and gray armor as well as a metallic trident.

The Black Manta figure is another figure that marks the first time the movie incarnation has been revealed in full, with previous publicity photos only showing a glimpse into the pirate mercenary. Another figure in the toyline will be the Brine King: a large crustacean that can use its claws to tightly grasp its enemies. Lastly, the Vulko figure reveals the character’s blue suit as well as the shark he uses as a transportation device.

We shall see more of these characters when more footage is released to the public. Furthermore, given Warner Bros.’s presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it is likely that said footage will be screened in the next few days.

What do you think about Mattel’s latest Aquaman action figure lineup as well as the first look at Ocean Master? Be sure to tweet your thoughts at @superbromovies and stay tuned for more Aquaman news. – Mark Tan

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Aquaman will release on December 21, 2018.

Aquaman – Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and to be a hero to the world.

Directed by James Wan, Aquaman stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman.


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