‘STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS’ To Release New Episodes on Disney Direct

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the highly regarded animated series, just released a trailer for the revived show.

The show is being revived by Disney after it was canceled in 2013, ending in 2014. Fans at San Diego Comic-Con just got to see the trailer for the revived series and minutes later, the trailer was released online. You can check the full trailer out below:

The show will be on Disney Direct, the Disney streaming service that is currently in development as confirmed by Kristian Harloff the VP of Development at Collider. This service will act as a Netflix-like service for exclusively Disney-owned shows and movies. The service was confirmed to have original content exclusive to it and Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be one of the many shows.

Also included in Disney Direct will be the live-action Star Wars show to be written and directed by Jon Favreau. The service will also include all MCU movies, Disney movies, Star Wars movies, and Indiana Jones movies. The Muppets and some content that Disney will likely acquire from Fox after their deal is complete are also confirmed. You can read more about what has been announced (as of March) here.

Harloff also posted this image from San Diego Comic-Con:

Fans are likely to be ecstatic for this, seeing as the series was canceled even with such positive reception. The sixth and final season was released unfinished on Netflix, titled “The Lost Missions” in 2014.

There is no current release date or plot synopsis for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Source: Kristian Harloff

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