Warner Bros. Confirms They Aren’t Planning On Releasing “Snyder Cut” Of ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’

It seems as if the hopes of an alternate cut of Justice League being released will be coming to an end soon. Although it should be pretty obvious, the studio that wants to move forward and not get stuck in the past won’t be releasing an unfinished director’s cut.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane—it’s devoted fans seeking a director’s cut of the 2017 dud ‘Justice League.’

The infamous “Snyder Cut” has been a hot topic due to a lot of fans (and most people) being unhappy with Justice League. Most people want to see a better version of the theatrical cut, and it’s likely that director Zack Snyder original vision would do that. However, with new people taking charge of DC Films in the past year along with a new motto, it’s just not happening. I personally would love to see it in whatever form it is in, but let’s face it; it wouldn’t truly satisfy everyone and let the DCEU move forward.

According to a lengthy report by Ben Fritz from Wall Street Journal, a senior executive from Warner Bros. confirms that they aren’t planning on announcing anything regarding the Snyder Cut at San Diego Comic-Con or elsewhere. Of course, Fritz couldn’t divulge who exactly said this but this isn’t a surprising answer from the studio. The cut in question was an assembly cut, meaning this isn’t the version Snyder was going to release anyways.

The rest of the report from Fritz isn’t too detailed regarding what exactly was cut from the film and Snyder’s vision, and it seems some attentive fans could break that down better. But it should be noted he’s a long-time professional, he’s in the business so his knowledge of the industry should be taken into consideration. So yeah you can rebut certain things but take a second to realize that yes, there’s a very good chance that senior executive is telling the truth.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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