Alice Eve Reveals She Is Playing Typhoid Mary On Season 2 Of ‘IRON FIST’

Until now it has been a mystery who Alice Eve would be playing on the upcoming season of Iron Fist. But during the ongoing panel at San Diego Comic-Con it was revealed she will be playing Typhoid Mary. For those of you not familiar with her she is a supervillain who has worked previously in the comics with Kingpin.

Typhoid Mary has often been portrayed as an enemy of Daredevil but as we know with most of the Marvel Netflix series the heroes and villains often cross over with one another. In the comics, Mary has been shown to have exceptional skills in martial arts, marksmanship, agility, pyrokinesis, telekineses, enhanced strength and a range of other abilities. It will be very interesting to see her take on Danny Rand and his friends during Season 2.


Based on the above tweet from a member of the audience and other reactions, she will be quite the adversary during the upcoming season. So it will be very interesting to see her in action. As of now not much else is known about the new season but stay tuned to SuperBroMovies as more updates are released during the panel.

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Source: Twitter

Iron Fist premieres September 7th on Netflix!

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