New Leaked Look At ‘WONDER WOMAN 1984’ Featuring Diana’s New & Brighter Costume From #SDCC

We got a Shazam trailer, we got an Aquaman trailer, but the general public wasn’t able to see any footage of the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984. However, anyone who was in attendance for the panel was able to get a quick look at some of the film. One of the scenes taking place in a mall.

The 1980’s are looked back on as a wild time in America. Colors ran rampant and the world was a much different place. As far as bright colors go, we were told that the scenes shown at SDCC had a much more vibrant feel to them compared to the first Wonder Woman. One part of the footage shown took place in a mall. You can see a still from this below:

The bright red and blue in the suit is reminiscent of the great Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman. As far as the scene goes, it was said to have been packed with action. In the mall, there are two men with guns. Between the two men and Diana, there’s a little girl. Before she could get hurt, she’s thrown all the way down the hall into two giant teddy bears. Now after seeing the first Wonder Woman, you know guns are nothing she can’t handle. Diana runs up on the men and immediately crushes their pistols with her hands. This prompts the goons to run away, but not before she could pull at her lasso and capture both of them with it. It ends with her jumping off the top floor and landing in a more open area.

The first Wonder Woman is seen as one of the greater comic book adaptation films to date, and it seems as if they’re even trying to raise the bar higher. Hopefully we can see this footage soon because it sounds awesome. What are your thoughts on the new suit? Are you excited to see Wonder Woman back in action? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – Uprisingenvoys’ Twitter

Wonder Woman 1984 lassos into theaters on November 1, 2019

The world lost a great soul on July 19th with the passing of Jon Schnepp. Medical bills can be insanely expensive, if you can help in anyway possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Rest easy Jon, the world will miss you immensely!

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