Leaked ‘WONDER WOMAN 1984’ Still From San Diego Comic-Con Spotlights The Film’s Color

During The World Of DC’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con those in attendance were treated to an exclusive look at Wonder Woman 1984. Naturally, though some stills from the footage have leaked online thanks to fans. And based on what we see here this will be one of the brightest DC films yet.

Those in the crowd at Hall H emphasized that the footage shown at the panel was bright and colorful. And based on this still, that seems very accurate.

Wonder Woman’s new suit is brighter than ever before and it will be great to see this come to life on screen. So hopefully were lucky enough that someone else will leak some of the footage shown. But for now, we will have to settle for this and a handful of other stills.

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Source: Den of Geeks

Wonder Woman 1984 lassos into theaters on November 1, 2019

The world lost a great soul on July 19th with the passing of Jon Schnepp. Medical bills can be insanely expensive, if you can help in anyway possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Rest easy Jon, the world will miss you immensely!

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