Rest Of ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ Cast Breaks Silence On James Gunn

The fallout from the firing of James Gunn continues as the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast go to his defense.

Last week saw the event almost everybody has been talking about. After nearly decade-old tweets were recovered, Disney took action quickly and severed all business with Marvel director James Gunn. Since it first happened last Friday, slowly but surely the cast of the film have begun speaking out. First was Dave Bautista, who was quick to defend the director and his Guardians family. James’ brother Sean Gunn also spoke out in his defense.

Now the rest of the cast have broken their silence and while they don’t acknowledge him directly, it’s obvious they’re hurt and affected by this situation.

Yondu himself Michael Rooker announced he would be leaving Twitter for good due to everything that has happened to Gunn. This is a pretty big situation for Marvel Studios and I don’t think we’ve heard that last of it. It’s something that’ll  have to be dealt with months or maybe even years to come.

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