WB Reportedly Eyeing “Kristen Stewart Prototype” For ‘BATGIRL’

According to superhero movie news insider Daniel R, WB is looking to cast an actor like that of Kristen Stewart for the role of Batgirl in her solo film.

Batgirl won’t be appearing in the Birds of Prey movie, but her solo movie is currently in development. The tweet is shown below:

Daniel has been a consistently credible source in the past for superhero movie news and, while this isn’t confirmed, we have no reason to doubt him.

The tweet notes WB is looking for a “Kristen Stewart prototype” which means they are not necessarily eyeing her specifically for the role. The studio may instead be searching for someone who looks or acts like her.

Joss Whedon originally pitched the movie and was set to write and direct, but has since stepped down, something we originally broke the news on. WB is currently looking for a woman to direct and the Bumblebee writer has penned a script.


Multiple rumors have surfaced surrounding the direction of both the Batgirl and Birds of Prey movies, including Batgirl’s presence in Birds of Prey (or possibly Oracle’s appearance).

Daniel’s recent tweet seems to dispel those rumors somewhat, as this could mean the Batgirl movie could be the titular hero’s first appearance.

Source: Daniel R on Twitter

There is no official release date or synopsis for the Batgirl movie.

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