REPORT: ‘THE BATMAN’ Will Take Place 15-20 Years In The Past, Resembles ‘Batman: Year One’

Although it’s been nearly a hundred years, we’ve finally got some news on Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Not just some info, a lot of details has been revealed regarding the development of DC’s upcoming film. And no, Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t playing Batman and there’s a reason for that.

In a new report from RevengeoftheFans, they dish on what they’re hearing about Matt Reeves’ script and how it’s affected the race to find someone who’ll end up donning the suit. Unfortunately, Ben Affleck will seemingly not even be in the running for this film, the reason being they’re looking for someone much younger. Which has to do with where the story will be heading; Reeves is planning to make his own Batman: Year One.

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According to them, the story being pitched by Matt Reeves is being compared to those who’ve heard it to Frank Miller’s Year One. That storyline saw the first year Batman was active in Gotham City, and when he first comes into contact with James Gordon. Keep in mind that although they will be similar, Reeves’ version is going to be very much his own.

As I said mentioned before briefly, Jake Gyllenhaal is no longer in the running for the role of Batman. They’re looking for someone much younger, 15 to 20 years younger to be exact. This is why he moved on to the MCU and joined Spider-Man: Homecoming. Other actors also met with Reeves at the time (last year), one of them being Jack Huston (Ben-Hur). He’s also now not in the mix for the lead role, but he may end up playing a supporting character that fans will instantly recognize.

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Yes, that’s right. Harvey Dent will once again play a part in Batman’s live-action story, but he won’t be Two-Face just yet. Huston may end up getting this role if everything is worked out, but it’s a bit too early to tell.  While he’ll simply be Dent for now, The Penguin will also make an appearance. Cobblepot won’t be “the” main villain though, so it remains to be seen who exactly will take that spot.

Another bit of news is that The Batman may actually go into production next year, around the summer. If all goes well, we should see this start filming just after The Flash does. This is a lot of info to take in but we still have a lot of questions, which will hopefully be answered soon. The Batman is going the young route so it’s going to be interesting to see who’s in the running for Bruce Wayne, and whether or not this will explicitly tie into the other DC Films.

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Source: RevengeoftheFans

The Batman currently has no release date.


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