Geoff Johns Provides An Update On ‘GREEN LANTERN CORPS’

While at San Diego Comic-Con, got a chance to sit down with writer Geoff Johns and discuss what he has on his plate for Green Lantern Corps.

“I’ve started I just can’t really talk…it’s just too early. The truth is I really want to write a great script and get the script right and then we’ll talk more about it once we get really going. Because we talk about development all the time and people like, development gets out there and leaks and this is really something again, like Stargirl, is very personal to me.”

green lanterns in space

Johns wrote stories of the Green Lantern Corps in the comics, some of his best work, so it makes sense to why Johns holds the world of the Green Lanterns dear to his heart. Fans of DC Comics will truly appreciate that considering The first film, Green Lantern, did not do very well. Which is disappointing because Ryan Reynolds was a great choice to play Hal Jordan, but the storyline and CGI did not benefit him. Johns also added more cushion, in case you weren’t satisfied enough, to why he’s taking his time with this project that he is not only writing, but also producing.

“I want to make sure I write the best script I can possibly write, so I need to go away in a cave and write that script and finish it and then come out and go ‘okay’ and work with the guys and really make sure we’ve got the best story to tell and the best way into this character. I think we have a lot of things in it that…people know my run from Green Lantern and so they shouldn’t be too surprised by seeing what we bring into it.”

Geoff Johns.jpg

This is good to know that Johns is really taking his time to figure out what works best for the script, in terms of storyline and characters for the upcoming reboot. Also, Johns took the opportunity to shed some light in other DC projects that are going on at Warner Bros.

“Well really in my new role at my production company, Mad Ghost, I’m focused on ya know things I’m writing and things I’m producing, so Green Lantern. I’m really focused on that right now. Then, you know Walter Hamada, who’s doing an awesome job over there and I love working with Walter. He’s really focusing on the wider slate so I can go in and just, I want to do, I want to do projects that I have my hands on as a writer and producer. That’s really what I’m focused on. But there’s super exciting stuff coming up. Matt Reeves’ BatmanBirds of Prey is going to be really awesome. Cathy’s amazing. There’s great talent behind those.”

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Lucas Talbot


Green Lantern Corps is expected to hit theaters on July 24, 2020.

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