First Full Look At The Losers Club On Set In ‘IT: CHAPTER TWO’

IT: Chapter Two is finally filming which means the odds of us seeing some set photos are increased tenfold. With a cast spanning from the likes of Jessica Chastain, to Bill Hader, and even James McAvoy, we can expect a phenomenal sequel to one of the highest grossing horror films of our generation.

Some caught a glimpse of the Losers Club while filming occurred in Port Hope. With the store fronts being changed to fit the Stephen King lore, it’s cool to see the set be manipulated for the film. In one of the photos you can see the whole Losers Club as they walk down the street. One you might notice who’s absent from these photos is Pennywise! This could be due to director Andy Muschietti’s tactic of not revealing the clown until his scenes to add a little bit of terror to the cast. He did the same in IT: Chapter One. Check out some of these photos below:

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This film is one of my most anticipated being that the first one was a brilliant take on Stephen King’s creation. Seeing the whole club together on set is also really cool. We saw a photo of the cast earlier with all of them laughing, so we know the chemistry is there. Now it’s just a waiting game for more set photos, and eventually the release of the film as a whole.

With director Andy Muschietti returning, and an ensemble like the one they have, we’re in for quite the treat. What are your thoughts on the set photos? Are you excited for the sequel? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies! And don’t forget… we all float down here. – JB Baker

Source – Northumberland News

IT: Chapter Two floats into theaters September 6, 2019

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