Rob Liefeld Might Have Confirmed The Main Villain For ‘X-FORCE’

Rob Liefeld is one of the most prolific creator of comic book characters of all time. Credited with coming up with Deadpool and the entire X-Force team, he has been a driving force for the Merc with the Mouth’s big screen career.

Following the critical and commercial success of Deadpool 2, all eyes are on the the big team-up film featuring Deadpool, Cable, and other mutants from the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe. While the Disney/Fox merger is set to be set beginning in 2019, the creative forces working on the film are plotting the course for the Wade Wilson-led team of reluctant heroes.

During a recent conversation with Nerdist House at San Diego Comic-Con, Liefeld may have just reveled the big bad who’s actions will cause the team to come together during the events of the film.

And his name is Stryfe, Cable’s evil clone.

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When asked directly whether Stryfe would be in the upcoming cinematic event, Liefeld attempted to play coy but his choice of words leave us looking forward to an eventual confirmation.

“Well, do you really hire Josh Brolin if you don’t want him to play both roles?…We are perfectly assembled for an X-Force movie. And how do you not scratch that Stryfe itch, right?”

Josh Brolin has been on a role lately with his dual Marvel roles in Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, may get to stretch his villain muscles once again while playing the villainous arch-enemy of Cable.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Stryfe is a clone of Cable from an alternate universe who was kidnapped and raised from an early age by Apocalypse. He was famously the main antagonist for the X-Men in  the 1990s crossover X-Cutioner’s Song, the 2009 X-Force/Cable crossover Messiah War, and the 2014 Cable & X-Force/Uncanny X-Force crossover “Vendetta”.

What do you think? Will Brolin be able to bring the same menacing intelligence he used as Thanos over to the X-Men film franchise and give the X-Force a villain worthy of such an epic team-up? Let us know in the comments below and @superbromovies.

Source: Nerdist House

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