‘THE FLASH’ Looking To Begin Production Early 2019

Although there isn’t an official release date just yet, fans of Ezra Miller’s Flash could be seeing him suit up once again pretty soon. The Flash starring Miller could begin production near the beginning of next year.

In a new document released by Production Weekly, DC’s The Flash is scheduled to begin filming February of 2019. Although it’s not entirely set in stone, a production date this early may indicate how smoothly the development of the project is going right now.

Image result for the flash justice league

The past few months have been exciting for the DC Film universe, and it seems they’re finally getting everything in order. From productions dates to possible castings, Warner Bros. is moving little by little to ensure they have all the right pieces in place to build a stronger cinematic experience. DC Films president Walter Hamada seems to be taking the safe approach of developing their films but not officially announcing anything until it’s set in stone.

The Flash is currently set to star Ezra Miller, Keirsey Clemons, Billy Crudup as Barry Allen, Iris West, and Henry Allen respectively. Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein will be at the helm.

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Source: Production Weekly via Discussing Film

The Flash does not have a release date but is expected to hit theaters 2020.


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