‪Cancelling Donald Glover’s ‘DEADPOOL’ Animated Series Was Marvel’s Decision

John Landgraf is the man in charge over at FX and he’ll finally gave us some more news regarding a cancelled series that the fans were really looking forward to. For awhile, there was a Deadpool animated series in the works that was being written, and produced by Donald Glover and his brother after they signed a 10 episode deal. They would also serve as the showrunners as well.

Unfortunately after this deal was made, the show was cancelled. The cancellation sparked a strong sense of disappointment due to the desire for an R-rated Deadpool animated series. Glover took to twitter to express his feelings by simply posting some of the script he had written up. It looked great too, furthering the impact of the cancellation. For awhile, people thought it was Landgraf’s and FX’s decision to dump the show, but now we know the truth!

Landgraf recently spoke with Variety where he talked on the cancellation and the fact that it was MARVEL that didn’t want the show to happen. It was believed at first that the cancellation was due to creative differences and then somehow the reasoning was manipulated into Glover’s busy schedule, which he assured was not the case. Landgraf believes Marvel will revive the show since they have the rights, but FX won’t be apart of it. It wasn’t FX’s decision, which is a huge bummer. I would’ve loved to see this manifest into a series. Check out some screengrabs from the test footage that was leaked below. The show looked like it would have been amazing.

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We’ll have to wait awhile before we get to see an R-rated animated Deadpool but it will definitely happen someday after how successful Ryan Reynolds has made the character on screen. What are your thoughts on the cancellation and it being on Marvel rather than FX? Let us know your thoughts over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – Variety

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