Despite Previous Rumors, Marvel Plans On Using James Gunn’s Script For ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3’

Things may not be so bad for James Gunn right now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn is in high demand in Hollywood following his firing from Marvel after offensive tweets resurfaced.

The Guardians of the Galaxy director has reportedly been approached by several producers and executives in hopes of bringing him on to develop projects. It’s unclear which studios are attempting to court Gunn at this time as talks can’t begin until the director is legally out of his contract with Disney.

It was no secret that following Gunn being fired, he would become one of the most sought-after directors for any studio. The director took an unknown group of characters and made them household names. That is a skill that any studio would be clamoring to have in their building.


Another question that arose following Gunn’s firing was the status of his script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. A rumor this morning claimed that Disney was scrapping it, however, according to THR, that isn’t the case. Disney is planning on using the script and will have to pay Gunn out around somewhere between $7 million and $10 million for his services on Vol. 3.

This news bodes well for the return of Drax actor Dave Bautista after he claimed he would ask out of his contract if Gunn’s script was scrapped. It looks as if there still may be a future for Drax in the MCU.

With all that being said, the biggest thing to come out of THR’s report is that Gunn’s relationship with Marvel may not be over. Two sources claim that Gunn could return to Marvel Studios at some point to develop or even possibly direct a film. Although, we probably wouldn’t see this happen for some time.

What are your thoughts on this news? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

Source: THR



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