Antoine Fuqua Will Meet With Kevin Feige About Helming Future MARVEL Film

The Equalizer duo, The Magnificent Seven, Southpaw, and many more under his belt, Antoine Fuqua has proved that he’s an expert in his craft over and over again. Now he may be entering the universe of Marvel after meeting with Kevin Feige himself.

Fuqua already spoke on how he was offered to helm the future Morbius movie, which won’t be taking place in the MCU, but is still an entity of Marvel. However, he passed on that project which resulted in Danny Espinosa acquiring the project. His interest in directing a Marvel film obviously didn’t dissipate and now he may get another shot.


He talked to HeyUGuys where he revealed about his future meeting, as well as his hesitant attitude towards joining such a vast universe. Check out what Fuqua had to say in the quote below:

For me it has to be the right one, in the right situation because there’s so much visual effects going on and – ‘Where’s the director in it all?’ I need to understand it because it’s like management…they have a machine, they’ve got people, there’s the design, the whole thing is sketched out[…]Is the director doing that? Or is it a hundred other people?

The scale of these movies are insanely big, so it makes sense that he’s worried his style won’t be seen within the madness of a Marvel film. Many are speculating that this meet up could result in him getting the chance to revive Blade. That would be cool considering the story would be much more contained and wouldn’t have to be stacked with visual effects, so Blade would be a solid choice for Fuqua.

The odds are that we won’t know the results of this meeting for awhile, but with time we’ll find out. In the mean time, what would you like to see Fuqua direct in the Marvel Universe? Let us know over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

Source – HeyUGuys

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