‘BIRDS OF PREY’ Is Reportedly Looking To Cast A Biracial Actress As BLACK CANARY

As the development of DC’s Birds of Prey film continues, the search for the cast is currently underway and it seems like producer Margot Robbie is keeping her word on casting a diverse group. The female-led superhero film is reportedly looking to add a biracial actress as a character predominately portrayed as white in the comics.

According to Heroic Hollywood, the studio wants a biracial actress to fill the role of Dinah Laurel aka Black Canary in Birds of Prey. They are also looking for someone who can sing, that explains why Lady Gaga had been offered the role months ago. I think it’s a great idea that they’re truly looking to gather a diverse cast, and casting Black Canary as biracial works quite well.

Image result for BLACK CANARY

The Dinah Drake version of Black Canary is currently portrayed by a mixed-race actress in Juliana Harkavy, so it’s not a crazy idea to cast someone that doesn’t look exactly like their comic book counterpart. The question now is who’s on their list for the role, and my guess is we’ll find that out sooner rather than later.

Birds of Prey is set to begin production early next year with Margot Robbie producing and starring in the film, while Cathy Yan (Dead Pigs) directs.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood

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