Howard The Duck Was Featured In An Early Draft Of ‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’

This summers Avengers: Infinity War featured a plethora of heroes. Some long-standing characters such as Hawkeye or new favorites such as Ant-Man were absent from the film. This narrative choice upset many fans. Despite those big hitters not being included, the Russo Brothers have named a character choice that almost was, that will shock some fans.


In a recent interview, directors Joe and Anthony Russo said that in an early draft of the movie that Howard the Duck was featured in a key scene.

“Howard the Duck was in one draft of the script. Howard the Duck actually had a really good scene. We were going to cameo with Ken Jeong, with Howard the Duck. That was a much-beloved scene by us but it just didn’t end up fitting at all.”

“Yeah, it was Quill trying to track down some information from Howard the Duck on some outlier planet and interrupting him during a poker game.”

“So there were lots of ideas and iterations that were on the floor for this one but I think we would end up in the correct place. It’s all a process. Sometimes you are actually just writing a bible to the universe of what that movie is and have to pare it down to what the actual narrative is.”

In a movie as serious and bleak as Avengers: Infinity War it would have been quite a shock for Howard to show up in the middle of the Guardians pursuit of Thanos. Would you have liked to see this moment of levity and fanservice? Or do you like the movie the way it is? Tweet us @superbromoviesCole

Source: Fandom


Avengers: Infinity War will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray on August 14th

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