Lead Character Breakdown For DC Universe’s ‘STARGIRL’ Revealed

When it comes to superheroes, Stargirl isn’t exactly a household name. That could soon change, as she’s getting her very own series on the DC Universe streaming platform due to launch in the fall.

Now, thanks to a casting breakdown for the lead from That Hashtag Show, we have a bit of an idea of what to expect:

The series is looking to cast an 18+-year-old actress, of any ethnicity, to play a 15-year-old Courtney. Described as an intelligent, compassionate and athletic young woman, Courtney is witty as well as an incredible kind individual who is living a perfect teenage life in Los Angeles, California.


This sounds fairly in line with the personality of the original character, who Geoff Johns created as a tribute to his younger sister, who tragically passed away in 1996. Stargirl has always been a passion project for Johns, with a fair amount of lore for the character. The most interesting dynamic in the Stargirl comics has been Courtney’s relationship with her step-dad, which it sounds like is being adapted quite faithfully:

Courtney’s life is forever changed when she discovers that her stepdad has a big secret. He used to be a superhero’s sidekick and Courtney takes it upon herself to “borrow” this superhero’s cosmic staff which leads Courtney to become a surprising inspiration as she leads a brand new generation of superheroes!


It’s too early to tell how Stargirl will turn out, but if this character breakdown is anything to go by, this could end up being a huge win for DC Universe. Following the mixed to negative reactions to the Titans trailer maybe this could be the off-the-wall hit to really sell folks on the platform.

What do you think of the character breakdown for Stargirl? Let us know on twitter @superbromovies! –James Preston Poole

Source: That Hashtag Show

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