‘DEADPOOL 2’ Concept Art Showcases Tim Miller’s Original Designs For JUGGERNAUT And DOMINO

The first Deadpool was famously directed by Tim Miller, who was set to direct the sequel but stepped down from the project due to unknown “creative issues.” Deadpool 2 was ultimately directed by David Leitch, so we’ll never get to see what Tim Miller’s version of that film would’ve been. We do, however, have a chance to see what some of his designs for the newly introduced characters would have looked like thanks to recently released concept art.

Conceptual artist Alexander Lozano has revealed some of the designs he made for Tim Miller before he stepped down from Deadpool 2. The first one: Juggernaut.

The version of Juggernaut we saw in Deadpool 2 didn’t have a very comic accurate costume, and while Tim Miller’s version doesn’t either, it is much more akin to the comic book counterpart with the brown color scheme and slightly different helmet. Next up: Domino.

Again, Domino’s costume wasn’t very comic accurate in her movie portrayal, and it looks like Tim Miller’s version wouldn’t have been either. For some reason, the filmmakers strayed away from Domino’s look in the comics, although, Tim Miller’s version did seem to bear more weapons and artillery than the film version. This art was also likely made before Zazie Beetz was cast, which is why the concept art obviously doesn’t resemble her.

The artist is teasing that there is more to come so stay tuned to SuperBroMovies on Twitter for more and let us know what you think about this Deadpool 2 concept art. Do you like Tim Miller’s original designs for Juggernaut and Domino? –Caleb Sadd

Source: Instagram

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