Official Merchandise Gives New Look At Brie Larson’s CAPTAIN MARVEL


Marvel is playing coy with advertising any of their upcoming movies. They want fans to sit in mourning for as long as possible after the events of Infinity War. Despite Captain Marvel’s fate not being decided in that movie, we still have received little to no official material for that upcoming film. Today, that changed with a reveal on the cover of a… notebook?


Yes, an Amazon listing of Captain Marvel Notebook has given us images of Brie Larson’s character, the logo and more. Fans have been worried about the set images showing Larson in a green and grey suit. These books most likely confirm that that suit will only be temporary. Another interesting costume reveal is that, on the blue notebook, Captain Marvel appears to be sporting her helmet and mohawk look. This could just be a nod to versions of the character in other mediums to drive sales there. Either way, now is the perfect time for back to school shopping. What do you think of these images? How excited are you for a first trailer? Tweet us @superbromoviesCole


Source: CaptMarvelNews on Twitter

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