‘SWAMP THING’ Pilot Story Details Revealed

Among the television shows that will premiere on the DC Universe streaming service is Swamp Thing, based on the comic book series by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. Although we have had knowledge about the other DC Universe shows like Titans and Doom Patrol, all that has been known about Swamp Thing is that Aquaman director James Wan would be serving as an executive producer. However, thanks to Splash Report, we now have an idea on what the show’s pilot will have to offer, most notably that it will be horror-oriented.


The pilot will feature a cold open featuring three rednecks driving a boat through a swamp in Houma, Louisiana as they encounter a mysterious entity. It is heavily implied this entity is the titular Swamp Thing. In addition, similar to Titans, this show will feature strong language, although it is not specified how profanity-heavy the dialogue will be.

Despite the show’s title, Swamp Thing does not appear in much of the pilot. It turns out the pilot will focus more on the swamp virus outbreak in Houma and the individuals that inhabit it. The central focus will be on Abby Arcane, a CDC medical agent who returns to the city after years of investigating the outbreak. Other characters include Alec Holland, who is drawn to the swamp virus, Harlan, Abby’s friend, Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland, who have an unfortunate history with Abby, and Matt Cable, a local police officer.

It is also revealed that the effect of the virus consists of plants growing inside people to the point of mutilation. As such, we should expect several moments of body horror throughout the show. Given that more time is spent on character development, the pilot promises a strong creep factor more than outright scares.

Production for the pilot has yet to begin, and a director has yet to be attached to this project. We shall see what the show-runners and directors will do with this material in order to bring the unsettling nature of the comics to the screen.

What do you think about the story details for the Swamp Thing pilot? Be sure to tweet your thoughts at @superbromovies and stay tuned for more Swamp Thing news. – Mark Tan

Source: Splash Report

Swamp Thing will be available on DC Universe in 2019.

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