‘CHILD’S PLAY’ Remake Character Breakdowns Reveal Different Story From Original Film

Despite the ongoing series of Child’s Play being in full effect, and on its seventh film. A Child’s Play remake will head into production next month. The writer of the original series Dan Mancini and producers David Kirschner and Dourif will have nothing to do with the remake. Also with the original ongoing series on its seventh film, there is also a TV show reportedly in the works. The remake will also deter away from the original in a few interesting ways. Some character breakdowns recently came out and in a way described how the new film will be different from the original.

We all know the original story, murderous Charles Lee Ray projects his soul into a Good Guy doll in order to escape death. He’s brought to the home of Andy and tries to play “hide the soul” to get into the boy’s body. Whilst he goes on a murderous rampage while he’s inside the Chucky doll. The new story will still be based on a doll, but it seems instead of hiding souls, the threat is based on technology.

According to comicbook.com, the new film will feature Chen:

“Chinese factory worker who commits suicide shortly after re-programming a Buddy doll to have no limitations.”

Essentially he will be replacing Charles Lee Ray. Ray was the man that possessed the Good Guy doll known as Chucky. He didn’t die, but he simply hid his stole. Chen will die, but only after creating a murderous technological doll.

Chucky’s description reads as:

“a defective ‘Buddy doll’ whose programming code was hacked so that he has no limitations to learn and also violence.”

This new version of Chucky is an interesting take considering the technological times we live in. Instead of the possessed doll, now we have a technological malfunctioning evil doll.

The main character will remain named

Andy, his description reads as:

“clever and quirky. Socially awkward but in an endearing way. He also has a clunky old hearing aid in his ear.”

Andy was always clever and a bit socially awkward. He was never deaf, so this is an interesting take on the character. Keeping Andy as the main protagonist is interesting considering how much the film has changed.

Andy’s mother Karen description reads as:

“a bit of a mess but loves her son very much. She lives in a small apartment and has a job at a superstore that sells Buddy dolls. By chance, she takes home the dysfunctional Buddy doll before it is returned to the factory, as she can’t afford a birthday gift for her son.”

Also, a very interesting choice to keep her name the same considering the things that have changed in the film.

These changes to the film are very interesting and make us curious as to just how much this will differ from the original series. There may be a bit of confusion for fans as the newer Chucky films have been straight to DVD after some underperforming films in theaters. This film has a lot to live up to, and a ton of questions that need answers.

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Source: Comicbook.com

Rascal F. Kennedy

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