Greg Nicotero And His SFX Team Join Todd McFarlane’s ‘SPAWN’ Reboot

Spawn is inching closer and closer to its production start. They’re taking a step closer today by bringing on someone who will play a vital role in the creation of this film. Todd McFarlane teased an announcement today and now we have some pretty cool news.

As OmegaUnderground originally reported, McFarlane’s Spawn movie will work with Greg Nicotero along with his KNB EFX group for all the special effects on the film. Nicotero and his team have been working on The Walking Dead recently which goes to show that they have the chops. One cool takeaway from this announcement is the fact that due to Nicotero being brought on, this means McFarlane will be taking a much more practical route.


The two are no strangers to each other. Their careers have led to their paths crossing before, one of those times being on the original Spawn movie back in 1997. When it came to his lower budget and Nicotero, McFarlane had this to say about it:

When I conceived of the story to start with, I never really thought of it as big special effects extravaganza because I knew we weren’t going to have the budget for it. So I knew I was going to rely heavily on practical makeup and costuming, and one of the places that kept popping up was my good pal Greg Nicotero on his KNB Group. And he’s obviously done a tremendous amount of work on dozens and dozens of movies. The sort of serendipitous part of it is that Greg was there at the beginning 20 years ago for the original Spawn movie. 

Nicotero later praised McFarlane for the dedication he’s putting into this film. He talked on how he sees McFarlane pursuing a route that has been unseen in the comic book films that we know today. Nicotero’s full quote is below:

Spawn has always been a fascinating character study, and I really think that Todd’s whole take on this is he really wants to be able to define superhero movies in a very different context than everybody is accustomed to… He really is the perfect guy to do it because he knows exactly how much he wants to see. He always liked that Spawn was kind of like the boogeyman, you know?

Both sides having nothing but good things to say about each other shows that their chemistry is great. This usually means there will be a smoother production and overall just a better energy on set. We don’t know much more on the film but we can assume that McFarlane wants to start shooting around the beginning of 2019.

What are your thoughts on Todd McFarlane bringing Greg Nicotero on board for Spawn? Let us know your thoughts over at SuperBroMovies! – JB Baker

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