‘TOP GUN: MAVERICK’ Release Delayed To June 2020

Those looking forward to the upcoming Top Gun sequel, featuring the subtitle of Maverick, will have to wait a year longer to see Tom Cruise as the titular iconic hotshot pilot. The film, which is currently in production, had an initial release date of July 12, 2019. However, the date has now been pushed back to June 26, 2020, according to Paramount, the studio behind the film and its 1986 predecessor.


The studio has not provided details as to why the film has been pushed back. It is likely that the extra time will be used to better plan out the shooting schedule, and it is also possible this will benefit the post-production process. After all, this is where the movie can be tweaked and examined so that it can be the best possible product.

In addition to Cruise reprising his role, the movie will star Miles Teller as the son of Maverick’s former wingman, Goose. Joseph Kosinski will direct the film, which makes it his second time working with Cruise on a production after 2013’s Oblivion. It will be interesting to see what the cast and crew will be able to create now that the deadline has been postponed for almost a full year.

What do you think about the theatrical release Top Gun: Maverick being pushed to June 2020? Be sure to tweet your thoughts at @superbromovies and stay tuned for more Maverick news. – Mark Tan

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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