‘TITANS’ Will Premiere This October, New Stills Released!

DC connoisseur Kevin Smith has just announced on DC Daily livestream what we’ve all been waiting for: When can we see Titans?!

Lucky for us, very soon. It will officially premiere on October 3rd at New York Comic Con and later on be released on the DC Universe streaming service on October 12th. Unfortunately, it will not be a binge watch weekend for all because DC Universe will be dropping a weekly episode every Friday. The first season has also been announced to be a 12 episode run, so we will have 12 weeks of Titans to look forward to. As the very cherry on top, official stills have been dropped on the livestream and we, of course, have them below.

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The look and feel of the characters does seem to be more polished than the initial trailers, with significant improvements seen with Beast Boy and Robin in particular. The Starfire still doesn’t really look like anything new, but seeing her powers in high definition does bring more promise to the portrayal of her character in the series.

Which Titan are you most excited to see? Will you be dropping the cash for the new DC streaming service? Talk with us over on @SuperBroMovies!

Ileana Meléndez

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