Month: August 2018

‘BLACK PANTHER’ Looking For A Best Picture Oscar Nomination

Marvel Studios March 2018 release, Black Panther, was not only a box office hit, but also a film that promoted diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as all movies in general. The film received high praise from film critics and casual viewers, and was the buzz on all social media for weeks after its

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The Star Wars universe gets bigger and bigger each day, this time adding ‘The Doctor’ himself. Matt Smith of The Crown and Doctor Who fame has joined the cast of Star Wars: Episode XI in an unspecified role. This news comes days after it was announced Dominic Monaghan would also be added to the cast. Along with not knowing who Smith will be playing,

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‘CHILD’S PLAY’ Remake Character Breakdowns Reveal Different Story From Original Film

Despite the ongoing series of Child’s Play being in full effect, and on its seventh film. A Child’s Play remake will head into production next month. The writer of the original series Dan Mancini and producers David Kirschner and Dourif will have nothing to do with the remake. Also with the original ongoing series on

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