Month: September 2018

Zachary Levi Originally Passed On His Role In ‘SHAZAM!’

The biggest surprise coming out of SDCC this year was the trailer for the upcoming DC film, Shazam!. The first footage from the movie was received positively, with many praising the tone and overall vibe. This weekend, the film’s titular star Zachary Levi attended Baltimore Comic-Con, where he spoke about the highly anticipated DC project.

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‘mid90s’ REVIEW: “A Painfully Honest Writing-Directing Debut From Jonah Hill”

Coming-of-age stories are tough. Coming-of-age stories set in another era? Basically impossible. Every once in a while, you get a film like mid90s, one that trades in nostalgia for brutal emotional honesty in a way that feels authentic the pains of growing up. Maybe the missing ingredient was Jonah Hill all along. Making his writing-directing debut,

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‘GAMBIT’ Producer Simon Kinberg Reveals The Film’s Romantic Comedy Vibe & 2019 Production Start Date

Even though the Disney/Fox deal is coming to a close, there remain several films from Fox based on Marvel characters currently in development such as X-Force, Multiple Man, and Gambit, the third of which has spent the longest in pre-production. It turns out that the film is now reaching the end of this phase as

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