Karl Urban Believes The ‘STAR TREK 4’ Salary Dispute Is Going To End

Karl Urban shared his thoughts regarding the salary dispute involving Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth for Star Trek 4 during a Q&A panel at the annual Star Trek con last weekend in Ticonderoga, New York.

“Hopefully, we get back for another movie or two of them. We are just sort of waiting on negotiations. I’m confident we will. The status is they have a script and brought on a director, S.J. Clarkson. I have not had the pleasure [to meet her] yet, but others have. I just haven’t been in the vicinity. They plan to shoot in the U.K., which is where she’s based. J.J. is also over there shooting that other space franchise. At the moment. I believe the status of the project is really hinging on the availability and the contract negotiations of the two Chrises.”

Karl Urban as Bones Star Trek Beyond

Urban shared the cast’s interests in working on a fourth Star Trek film. Urban pointed out that despite the salary dispute, Pine is eager to get back work on the new film:

“It’s an interesting one. The last film did pretty well. I think it made about 320 or 350 or 380 globally [Star Trek Beyond global box office made $343 million] But still, for a movie that cost what it cost to make, the profit margins aren’t that great and so particularly Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine subsequently have done big movies, and their quotes have gone up and so I am pretty confident though that Paramount and those guys, they will figure it out. Because I know Chris [Pine]. We were all in touch recently and everybody wants to do it and make it happen. So, if Paramount is willing there will be a way to make it happen. So, fingers crossed.”

Urban Star Trek Beyond .png

The salary dispute did not seem to distract Urban. Urban revealed that he almost did not return for Star Trek Beyond because he was concerned about the development of his character, Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy:

“There is some truth to the story. Firstly, I was a little disappointed with the lack of development with McCoy in [Star Trek Into Darkness]. So it was that. Even though I had an amazing experience working with J.J. [Abrams] and the cast, at the end of the day I didn’t have much to do. So when they came to me with the offer for [Star Trek Beyond] I was literally in the final stages of negotiating another film. [So] I just want to be sure if we do another one that it is good. I was pretty happy with Beyond, after the first two, and just want to make sure we push the envelope and develop these characters and take it somewhere new. That would be my biggest concern. What’s the story. Is it a story worth telling?”

We should be thankful that Bones was able to continue his character development with Star Trek Beyond as he’s a fan favorite character. Let’s all hope  that Star Trek 4 does happen because It is a stellar franchise despite not being on the scale of something like Star Wars.

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Lucas Talbot

Source: TrekMovie


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