MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN PS4: First Impression

Well, it’s here folks. As I waited impatiently for my clock to hit 9:00, I had no idea what I was about to immerse myself into. Marvel’s Spider-Man is what could possibly be one of the best video game experiences to date. After about three hours of playing, I have a pretty solid opinion on this game. I will keep this portion of the review spoiler free, so do not worry!

Right off the bat, the first thing that had my attention was indeed, the web swinging. This is arguably one of the most vital aspects to this game. Normal large-scale games, such as Grand Theft Auto V, traversal is handled with vehicles. That’s not the case for Spidey. People are going into this game wanting to swing from end to end smoothly, and that’s exactly what they will get. The web swinging is out of this world. Once you start, there’s no stopping. This leads into my next point.


There really is no stopping. As long as you’re holding the right bumper, Spider-Man will find his way around an obstacle. The parkour is super cool in this. Playing games like Watch Dogs 2, or Assassins Creed, you fall in love with running your character around a city, and now we finally get that with our favorite superhero. AH! It’s so cool.

Now, let’s get into combat. The combat in this game will make you want to swing on every single person you see. The smooth transitions between the air and ground combat is insanely cool. There’s also gadgets you can use to enhance the combat, however, I’m not that far yet (I may be spending too much time swinging around). The counters, the combos, the finishers, they all work harmoniously to create a wonderful combat experience.


Finally, the story. I can’t say much because I want everyone reading this to go into this game blind. All I will say is that if this Spider-Man were to be translated into a movie, I’d probably see it 100 times. The story will make you want to sit back and watch the events unfold, while simultaneously playing it, which is exactly what you get to do! The best part of it all is playing as not only as Spider-Man, but also as Mary Jane and even Peter Parker. It helps you with really diving into the story, making it all the more impactful.


I really commend Insomniac for focusing on the small things. Whether it be taking a selfie with a citizen, taking a selfie yourself on photo mode, or watching Spidey’s expressive eyes, they really outdid themselves. Now, I’ll leave you on this note, this is the best superhero game we’ve ever gotten! Time for me to resume this game, stay tuned for a full review this weekend! Until then, swing on my friends.

–  JB Baker


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