‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’ Trailer Speculated To Premiere This Week

It seems there’s a possibility that Carol Danvers is not going to be losing steam anytime soon. With the sudden whirlwind of Captain Marvel news finally coming to light, the first step of getting a first look at the upcoming film has been checked off the list. Next? That highly anticipated trailer drop. And we just might get it sooner rather than later

According to Twitter account @CaptMarvelNews, there’s a chance that Jimmy Kimmel Live could be guest starred by none other than Brie Larson this Friday on the show. The theory stems from the show’s guest schedule bearing an still “to be announced” spot on Friday, conveniently placed the night after Captain Marvel co-star Ben Mendelsohn will be a guest on the show.

However, there was later conversation that noted Jimmy Kimmel Live announces their Friday shows on Wednesdays every week. Still, we’ll be keeping an eye out since Marvel has a reputation for dropping trailers on live late night shows!

Do you think we’ll be getting a trailer this week? Or are we depressingly clinging to false hope and have to wait until a month before the movie comes out to see a trailer? Debate over on @SuperBroMovies!

Ileana Meléndez

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