‘GET OUT’ Director Jordan Peele Is In Talks To Remake ‘CANDYMAN’

We all know the legend of the Candyman. You say his name five times in a mirror with the lights out, and he appears. Many of us know of the Candyman trilogy as well. The three films spawning from 1992-1999. Candyman isn’t as recognizable as Jason Vorhees, Micheal Myers, and Freddy Krueger, but the film did come about in that era. The film based on a short story by Clive Barker, that moved from England and to Chicago.

The film is based on an artist (Tony Todd) whose father was a slave, he had his hand severed off and was murdered by his lover’s father and murdered by bees because he was black and she was white. He hunts down the bloodline of the man who killed him. The film also starred Virginia Madsen (Dune/Joy) and Bernard Rose (Frankenstein). The film went from theatrical releases to straight to VHS in a quick fashion. It seems as though, maybe, just maybe… The Candyman will come back to prominence.

Jordan Peele is in talks to helm a remake of the 90s classic. Peele recently won an academy award for best screenplay with Get Out and was also nominated for best director. He is currently helming his film Us and is producing a new Twilight Zone series with his Monkeypaw Productions, the company that made BlacKKKlansmen which was released this summer.

Peele has a keen eye and a way with horror. With Candyman’s focus being on the death of a black man for loving a white woman, something that was done constantly in the early days during and after slavery. This is right up Peele’s alley. I’m sure he will tackle this film and put Candyman on the pedestal as Jason, Freddy, and Micheal.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

Rascal F. Kennedy

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