‘JOKER’ Set Photos Feature DC Comics References And A First Look At THOMAS WAYNE

Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming Joker film is drawing a lot of attention as of late, with plenty of photos and even a camera test from director Todd Phillips himself hitting the web. Now, even more set photos have surfaced, and they include some fun little nods to DC Comics lore, and even a peek at one very well known character in particular.

A Twitter user by the name of @UberKryptonian shared images of a Gotham City subway map featured in the film, and it includes more than a few nods to the wider Batman world. Take a look for yourself below.

There’s a “Snyder” district featured among the many locations, and the name could be a reference to Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, or even a nod to acclaimed DC writer Scott Snyder. There’s also a Wayne Avenue, which is no doubt a reference to the wealthy Wayne family. Prince Street could very well be referring to the famous pop star of the same name.

There’s also a location called Kane County, a possible nod to Batman co-creator, Bob Kane. It might be worth mentioning that Kane was also Martha Wayne’s maiden name before marrying her husband Thomas. And, speaking of Thomas Wayne, a political campaign poster featuring the famous Wayne family patriarch has also emerged from the set, courtesy of Twitter user @batsgadot.

Though misspelled, Wayne appears to be running for the position of Gotham’s mayor, no doubt putting his resume as a successful businessman to good use. It’s interesting to note that Wayne is still alive during the rise of the Joker in this film, whereas he had already been long dead by the time the Clown Prince of Crime came around. Despite straying from the comics, it is comforting to know that Phillips and his crew are keeping some bits of the source material in their hearts.

Joker will hit theaters on October 4, 2019.

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Danny O’Brien

Sources: @UberKryptonian and @batsgadot

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