The growing by day of popularity anime My Hero Academia, has been gaining fans from all over the world. It’s manga and popular anime have been so successful that Funimation made the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

If you have watched the famous anime before, then this movie takes place right after the UA students have finished school and start summer break. Even if you haven’t watched the anime before, the film does a good job of cutting in scenes from the show to get the whole audience up to speed about what has happened.

The animation in this film was really something else. At times a little rushed but it is easy to overlook from the enormous amount of scenes with amazing animation and just overall really REALLY cool shots.


The film begins with All Might, the Symbol of Peace. All Might is the #1 hero in this society and we see All Might as a young student studying abroad in America where he meets his best friend Dave. Dave is also the man who designed all of All Might’s suits. To see All Might in his prime is exciting and shows us what could happen to Midoriya. Not to mention we finally see how All Might was in his prime and the begiinings of his passionate saying, “I am here”.

Then we see Midoriya and All Might on their way to the man made island “I-Island” where scientists research quirks. This is where All Might’s best friend Dave is. All Might and Midoriya run into Melissa, Dave’s daughter, who shows Midoriya around the island. We soon learn Midoriya isn’t the only UA student on the island as he conveniently runs into his other classmates like Ochaco, Kirishima, Bakugo and more.


If there’s one thing that can be cringe worthy when it comes to anime films, it is certainly the jokes but in this anime film, it works so well. There isn’t too many and there aren’t any super corny jokes. Anime films tend to overdo it or it just eventually gets plain silly but luckily, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes doesn’t suffer from that.

Bakugo and Kirishima are my favorite pair of friends as Kirishima always manages to know how to deal with Bakugo’s temper. Kaminari and Mineta are the funniest duo with their perverted ways but hey, its an anime film so should be expected. The bonds we see in the anime between this characters continues to show in this movie.

When the Island decides to host an special event, villains crash the party. They take all the pro heroes captive and leaves the heroes in training as the ones that have to save the day. Once this happens, All Might warns them and tells the students to get away. But knowing Midoriya and his classmates, they decided to stay and figure out a way to outsmart the villains. This film doesn’t slow down and every one of these kids gets a moment to shine. From everything you have seen in the anime, it is emphasized a whole lot in this movie as we see these kids grow and adapt to the situation in front of them. Midoriya and his fellow classmates continue to show the audience how hungry they are for success and how passionate they feel about being heroes.

The biggest critique with this film, was the underwhelming villains. Sure we thought “oh crap” when they first appeared but it didn’t feel as though there was enough at stake for these young heroes to rescue everyone. It only really got going when the “twist” was revealed. Which was the villains being hired by All Might’s greatest rival, All for One. This left chills in the audience because those who watch the anime, knows what will eventually happen. What I didn’t expect in this film was how it had many dark themes including the use of guns and overall more violent moments. This strengthened the film.


What really made this film great was the parallel of Midoriya and Melissa. Their chemistry was amazing and you could see that they could relate to each other. They essentially mirror All Might and Dave. They are the future. It’s a really awesome foreshadowing when All Might and Dave look on at those two. When Dave figures out that Midoriya is All Might’s successor, it’s a really bittersweet moment when Dave looks at Midoriya and sees how All Might was like in his younger days.

And the best moment in this film was the thing every My Hero Academia fan never thought they’d see happen for awhile: All Might and Midoriya fighting together side by side as equals against a real threat. I didn’t see one person who didn’t fan girl the hell out of those moments because it’s something we’ve both needed and wanted to see. Seeing them together doing a smash punch will give you goosebumps and want to scream from excitement.

I enjoyed My Hero Academia: Two Heroes because it had a great mix of funny, excitement, action and passion. It was just so much more than amazing. If you are a fan of the show, it is a movie worth watching packed with so much of what makes the anime great in general. These young heroes have so much to learn and so much to show us. This movie just continued to prove that

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is still playing in selected theaters!!

Oh, and don’t forget…..PLUS ULTRA!!!!!!

-Jacqueline Lainez

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