Jon Favreau’s Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ Series Is Titled ‘THE MANDALORIAN’, Synopsis Released

Following recent rumors about who’s going to be leading the upcoming Star Wars live-action series, showrunner Jon Favreau has just begun pre-production teases on his social media.

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Though no additional information or context was provided in the caption, the Iron Man director opted for hashtags that seem to suggest that the official title of the Disney streaming exclusive series could very well be “The Mandalorian”. This falls in tune with yesterday’s Pedro Pascal casting rumor, where there was speculation over the lead character being a Mandalorian set in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. It would make sense to have Pedro Pascal play a lone gunfighter character in what could potentially be a space-western type story. In terms of the premise, the rumor seems to be truthful according to this teaser.

The setting is also intriguing, considering we’re finally going to get some context during the period between the fall of the Empire and the rise of the First Order that was introduced in Episode VII. Whether this will crossover with any main franchise plot lines or not is still to be determined, but it wouldn’t be out of equation considering the exclusive series on Disney’s upcoming streaming service are going to be of a more cinematic caliber, much like the Scarlet Witch and Loki mini-series.

Are you excited for another expansion into the canon Star Wars universe? Or are we suffering Star Wars fatigue with so much content being churned out by Disney? Debate with us over on @SuperBroMovies!

Ileana Meléndez

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