EXCLUSIVE: ‘MONSTER HUNTER’ Character Breakdown Reveals A Popular Game Character

Paul W. S. Anderson’s long-awaited Monster Hunter movie is finally moving forward after years of development. The film, which is based on the fantasy-themed action role-playing game, will begin filming this month and is currently looking to cast a well-known character from the game.

We’ve come across a character description for Palico, who is known as a species that aids you on hunts in the Monster Hunter franchise. You can check out the breakdown below:

[ PALICO ] Male Adult LITTLE PERSON. HEIGHT 3’8 – 4’4. NO TALLER PLEASE!! 21YRS TO 50YRS. Open to ALL Ethnicities.  PALICO is a grumpy, gruff, raggedy, pirate-cat-type creature with a missing eye, who is part of “The Admiral’s” (Ron Perlman) & “The Hunters” (Tony Jaa) Crew. His main Job is the Galley Chef, and he has no grace or manners when it comes to serving the crew their food. He has a wise-ass bad attitude, but is also just as much a fearless warrior as any other member of the Crew. Actor MUST be capable of working under physical & intense conditions. This Character will be a MOTION CAPTURE ROLE in the Movie. Artist will be Acting. Expressions, Artist Voice, Personality and Physicality will be incorporated.


As you can see, the role is motion capture based but the actor will be all aspects of the performance. It appears the film is going to differentiate the character from the game version, with its role being fleshed out and given more personality.

Monster Hunter stars Milla Jovovich as Artemis, Tony Jaa as The Hunter, T.I. as Link, and Ron Perlman as Admiral. Paul W. S. Anderson is set to direct the film, having been attached since 2012. Capcom, the company behind the Monster Hunter games, is set to produce the project.

Are you excited to see Monster Hunter on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes


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