KRAVEN THE HUNTER Solo Movie Will Be Inspired By ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’, Spider-Man Could Appear

With the financial success of Venom on opening weekend, Sony is preparing to move full steam ahead with SUMC. Their plans include the Kraven the Hunter solo movie that was reported to be in development earlier this year. Today, the screenwriter for the film, Richard Wenk, spoke about the Kraven film and what comic it will be taking inspiration from.

In an interview with Discussing Film, Wenk revealed that his Kraven script is drawing from the comic story Kraven’s Last Hunt. That story, which was published in 1987, saw Sergei Kravinoff hunt down and seemingly kill Spider-Man. He then takes his suit and attempts to take on Peter Parker’s alter-ego. It’s eventually revealed that Spider-Man didn’t die and the two have an epic battle.


Reading this news is exciting for Kraven fans, although, a question quickly arises. How could they adapt this storyline without Spider-Man? Well, Wenk made it clear that he believes that Spidey could make an appearance in the film. That would seem to go against what Sony is attempting to do with the SUMC but it’s possible at some point down the road they would want to introduce their own wall-crawler.

The other option would be to have Kraven hunt Venom, who is now seen as the linchpin of the SUMC. Having him be the through line in their universe would be a great way to capitalize on the excitement that Tom Hardy’s first outing has brought fans.

What do you want to see in a Kraven movie? Let us know in the comments below! –Jackson Hayes

Source: Discussing Film

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