DC Comics’ ‘SECRET SIX’ TV Series In Development At CBS

DC is looking to build on their recent run of television success with this new Secret Six series on CBS.

The ‘Secret Six’ started as a strike team made up of former criminals in the DC Universe that carry out operations against major criminals and criminal organizations. In the first two runs, the team was made up of primarily minor characters like King Savage or August Durant and the comics only ran in small runs, but the newest incarnations have brought mainline DC characters into the mix featuring names like Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Bane.


CBS seems to be aligning their Secret Six story more with the original storylines since the show is set to follow six strangers that have a mysterious past and unique skills that are united by a mysterious figure that blackmails them into exposing political and corporate corruption.

Warner Brothers has tapped Rick Muirragui to write and executive produce the series after he successful run as the producer and occasional writer of USA’s hit series Suits. Joining him as executive producers are Bill Lawrence and Jeff Ingold of Doozer Productions. Lawrence is best known for his work as the writer and executive producer on Scrubs and Cougar Town,  and Ingold was a producer for 2016’s Rush Hour series and several TV movies.

After years of DC shows being CW exclusives, DC has branched out to other networks with the successful Krypton series on SyFy and into streaming with Titans on the DC Universe streaming service. This appears to be DC’s attempt to move back into network television after Supergirl was moved from CBS to the CW in 2016.

What do you think of the new show? Let us know in the comments below! –Taylor Tyler

Source: Variety

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