First Look At A Creature From ‘THE MANDALORIAN’

The Star Wars Universe is expanding even further. New photos give us a glimpse at what one of the creatures and the set will look like.


It’s not clear yet who exactly this is, or if he’s anyone important, but it shows that Favreau is committed to practical aliens and sets that made Star Wars such a hit. This photo along with the image that was released a few days ago gives us a brief glimpse at what Mandalore will look like on screen.



In the two previous times we’ve seen Mandalore, we’ve gotten a look at two different parts of the planet. In Star Wars Clone Wars, we saw the thriving city around the capital of Mandalore and where the royalty lives and we saw the snowy mountaintops of the planet in Star Wars Rebels. In The Mandalorian, it looks like Jon Favreau will be showing us a more remote and arid section of the planet complete with a few evaporators that look like they were taken right off the surface of Tatooine.

What do you think of the set photos? Let us know in the comments below. – Taylor Tyler

Source: Making Star Wars

The Mandalorian is currently in production.


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