Leaked ‘ELSEWORLDS’ Crossover Set Photos Reveal Barry & Oliver In New Classic Comic Roles

With filming for the Arrowverse’s annual crossover underway it was only a matter of time before we got some new looks at the events cast. Just today we got a look at Tyler Hoechlin suited up in his own version of the iconic black Superman suit. And now we have yet another look at the set via leaked photos featuring Barry and Oliver in brand new roles from classic DC comics.

The new roles were first hinted at by Stephen Amell himself who posted the image below of himself and Grant Gustin suited up in biker gear.

This new look at Barry and Oliver at first left us with more questions than answers but thankfully due to some leaked set photos, we may have figured out why they are dressed like this. After some photos of the two stars were taken on set, it showed us what is written on the back of the jackets, and it may have a deep tie to two classic DC characters.

As you can see, on the back is the name “Trigger Twins”. That is the name of two sets of western themed partners in DC Comics. One set is a group of heroes while another is a team of villains. It is difficult to tell whether Barry and Oliver are meant to be the heroes or villains in this case but either way it is interesting to see some lesser-known classic DC characters appear.

Image result for dc trigger twins

Hopefully, we will get more information on the crossover as we get closer to its release so be sure to stay tuned to SuperBroMovies for any updates.

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Source: YVRShoots

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