Villain In ‘MORBIUS’ Movie Has Reportedly Been Revealed

With the surprising success of Venom, Sony is moving forward with Morbius and the villain for the next film in the cinematic universe has reportedly been revealed.

Morbius appears to be taking a similar path to his fellow antihero Venom, the antagonist in the film will be the similarly powered Loxias Crown. Don’t worry if Loxias Crown doesn’t sound familiar, he is a new character that is unique to this movie.

Dr. Michael Morbius is a biochemist on a mission to save himself and his friend Loxias Crown from the genetic blood disease that they both share. However, their research goes a little bit haywire when the serum gives them superhuman abilities and a thirst for human blood. However, Crown isn’t able to keep his bloodthirst at bay like Morbius and descends from antihero to full on villain.


Morbius started out as a Spider-Man villain, but gained some popularity and ended up with a few runs of his own that introduced characters like his friend Emil Nikos who will appear in the film. However, it appears that Sony will be departing from the source material quite a bit by changing Nikos’ backstory and intoducing a new villain.

An official release date has for Morbius has not been announced, but the movie is expected to start production early next year with Daniel Espinosa set to direct. Jared Leto is set to star as Morbius, but no other actors have been cast for the film.

Morbius and Venom

Despite being panned by critics, Venom’s box office numbers just kept rolling in the wind past $140 million domestically making this a profitable cinematic Universe already. This has been a win for Sony so far and sets the stage for a cinematic universe with villains and antiheros like Kraven the Hunter joining Venom in the future.

What do you think of the new villain? Let us know in the comments below. – Taylor Tyler

Source: That Hashtag Show

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